Black & Asian Solidarity Rally, March 21 #blackandgold. Photo © Art Chang.

Asian-American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) are fighting two pandemics: COVID and violent anti-Asian hate. While COVID is subsiding, hate is growing. Among my AAPI friends, safety and fear are at the top of every conversation. When my teenage son leaves the house, I now have a new fear: the killings of eight people, six of them Asian, in Atlanta has raised this to a new level of terror. My heart goes out to families of the victims and AAPI communities in Atlanta.

Racial violence against the AAPI community is as American as apple pie. When I was born in Jim Crow…

NYC can’t elect a Mayor who blames the school reopening mess on the UFT. We need a Mayor who understands that the buck stops on their desk.

Peonies. Photo © Art Chang.

“I will confess to being a parent that has been frustrated by how slow our schools have been to open, and I do believe that the UFT has been a significant reason why our schools have been slow to open,” Andrew Yang told Politico last week.

Coming in the midst of my grief and outrage over the racist Atlanta hate killings against our AAPI community, this statement by a fellow New York City mayoral candidate was almost one thing too much more to process. But I couldn’t let it go. Yes, there is a valid need for improvement in our…

This story was first published on the Art Chang for NYC Mayor website.

1977 Report Detailing Gross Misconduct in Handling of FBI’s Surveillance of Dr. King

“Hate multiplies hate, violence multiplies violence, and toughness multiplies toughness in a descending spiral of destruction … The chain reaction of evil — hate begetting hate, wars producing more wars — must be broken, or we shall be plunged into the dark abyss of annihilation.”

— Martin Luther King, Jr. in Strength to Love (1963)

“White supremacists are using online platforms for hate. It’s time to change the terms.”

Change the Terms Coalition

At my last job, using social media, even personal social media, to spread hate would have resulted in disciplinary action, including dismissal. Shouldn’t government employees be held to a similar standard? And shouldn’t government employees who carry weapons and a license to kill be held to an even higher standard?

“The petitioner may have a constitutional right to talk politics, but he has…

I issued this statement after the right-wing mob assault on the Capitol.

Today, January 6, 2021 is a date which will live in infamy. This should have been a day to celebrate American democratic values by consummating a peaceful transfer of power.

This should have been a day to celebrate Georgia, which elected its first Black Senator and secured a Congress that can work for the benefit of the entire country. Instead, seditionists and domestic terrorists have illegally stormed and occupied the Capitol, reminding us that the fight of Reconstruction, of the Civil Rights movement is still being fought.

I arrived in New York City in 1985 with $400 in my pocket and a belief that in this city anything was possible. I never stopped believing in a New York City that embraces and serves us all: people of every color, of every origin, of every gender.

We are a city of people who know that struggle should create possibilities. But, for most of us, we are a city of dreams deferred, of dreams that slipped between our fingers, of dreams laid to rest. And that was before COVID and the resulting economic crisis laid bare our problems. …

Photo courtesy of the author.

We have a crisis of historic proportions. The largest epidemic in 100 years. The largest economic crisis in 100 years. The largest protests in 50 years. The police as the face of systemic racism, now more than ever.

Hundreds of protesters are encamped in New York City’s City Hall Park to demand an immediate reinvention of policing starting with a massive cut to the police budget of $1 billion, which mirrors the NYC Council proposal. The timing is tight; the NYC Council and the Mayor must reach agreement on the City’s budget by July 1. Everyone is watching.

Justice is…

The Brooklyn Tech community was “deprived of their right to have the best possible Principal” by a process that stacked the deck in favor of a single candidate. In this letter, we call for a new, fair Principal selection process. Click here for the Chalkbeat story.

We also hope to shed needed light on the obscure process used to select the Principals and Assistant Principals in the 1,300 NYC public schools.

Please support us as a co-signer by signing our petition.

Here’s the full text of our letter:

I am excited to announce that the next chapter of my career starts at JPMorgan Chase on December 3, 2018, when I join the Office of the General Counsel to lead a technology initiative in knowledge management. Success will mean connecting people to the knowledge needed to do their work with greater efficiency, efficacy and satisfaction.

Three elements make for a great career opportunity: a vitally interesting problem, an inspiring team, and sufficient resources, especially executive sponsorship. I am going into the JPMC role with great confidence in all three. I couldn’t be more excited.

This opportunity allows me to…

Democrats flipped eight GOP-held seats to give Dems 39–24 majority in the Senate and control over the Governor, Senate and Assembly. This sets up the Legislature to start putting long-blocked bills in front of the Governor for his signature. How progressive is Cuomo? We should soon find out.

In the absence of polls, campaign finance data is a poor substitute, but it’s what we have to work with. Before the election, my reading of the data led me to estimate that as many as nine GOP-held seats would flip. Eight is a great outcome.

What’s less clear is whether or…

For New York statewide voters, this Election Day, November 6, 2018, may be the most important in decades. I wrote about it in the Gotham Gazette, “Can Democrats win the state Senate? How progressive is Cuomo? New Yorkers are about to find out” and more recently on Medium , “Reading the Tea Leaves — Will New York’s Senate Flip Blue for the Third Time in a Century?

For New York City voters, the ballot will offer three proposals on campaign finance, civic engagement and community boards that would amend the City Charter, which is akin to the City’s Constitution. People…

Art Chang

Candidate for NYC Mayor. Reform activist. Technology innovator. Writer, thinker, strategist, photographer. Opinions are my own.

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