I’m Running For Mayor So That We Can Change This City Together.

I arrived in New York City in 1985 with $400 in my pocket and a belief that in this city anything was possible. I never stopped believing in a New York City that embraces and serves us all: people of every color, of every origin, of every gender.

We are a city of people who know that struggle should create possibilities. But, for most of us, we are a city of dreams deferred, of dreams that slipped between our fingers, of dreams laid to rest. And that was before COVID and the resulting economic crisis laid bare our problems. If we allow the status quo to continue, the past’s vicious cycles will return with even greater ferocity.

For over 30 years I have been part of building possibilities for small businesses, for students, and for young entrepreneurs. My candidacy is a natural continuation of that work. Most recently, I was the Co-creator of NYC Votes, technology that improves access to local elections for voters and candidates. And, still I continue to be increasingly alarmed as the City’s fabric strains from the lack of economic, racial and social equity and justice. That fabric is now breaking from the pandemic and resulting economic crisis, made far worse by poor leadership. Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking used to create them.” Different thinking is needed. I bring different thinking and I can help New Yorkers make real change.

I entered the race for Mayor of NYC because I am alarmed by the extent and trajectory of New York City’s crises. Not one of the other candidates seem to fully appreciate the scope and complexity of the problems that lie ahead, nor do they have the breadth of experience required to tackle them. I don’t believe I have all the answers; someone in this great City does. Together, we can create an equitable city where everyone can thrive.

How do we thrive? By focusing our energy on three aspects of everyday life: Jobs, Families and Communities. Individual issues like housing, transit, and safety matter. We must remember that these issues are all enveloped in a world where there are jobs, healthy families, and strong, vibrant communities. I believe that we need:

  1. More jobs for New Yorkers in more industries, with real living wages. We will ensure small business survival, growth and excellence. We will make New York City the best place to start a business.

We will achieve these goals by working with the many diverse groups of leaders, activists and thinkers around NYC. I am asking New Yorkers to reach out to me, share your ideas and help me to do what I do best: make change in the world.

The next Mayor needs proven experience thinking differently across the breadth of government services and experience in technology, finance and management to support that. For nearly 35 years, I provided the tools and built the solutions to help change this City. Here are a short-list of my qualifications:

  • I know how to create a government that’s more transparent, accountable and able to respond to the rapidly changing needs of society. I know how to organize and motivate people to do that.

This is not a career change for me. At each phase, my goal has been to help others. I have been a waiter, carpenter, startup founder, finance executive, and public servant. While others are using the Mayoral race to create a bigger stage for themselves, I’m running this race to build the technology, economic and cultural infrastructure required for every New Yorker to live with dignity. Let’s change this city together and make our dreams possible.

Former 2021 Democratic Candidate for NYC Mayor. Reform activist. Technology innovator. Writer, thinker, strategist, photographer. Opinions are my own.