I’m Running For Mayor So That We Can Change This City Together.

  1. More jobs for New Yorkers in more industries, with real living wages. We will ensure small business survival, growth and excellence. We will make New York City the best place to start a business.
  2. More support for families. We will create Universal Childcare, more flexible transportation options, quality public education and stronger protections and social safety nets.
  3. Stronger, healthier and more vibrant communities. We will deliver services where most needed in the amounts needed, expand access to public health resources, build truly affordable housing, reduce crime and making right the relationship between the police and all of us, transitioning to a carbon-free future, planning for rising sea levels, greening city streets, and supporting arts and culture.
  • I know how to create a government that’s more transparent, accountable and able to respond to the rapidly changing needs of society. I know how to organize and motivate people to do that.
  • I know how to build the city: In the 1990s, I helped realize Queens West, the nation’s first planned digital live-work community, and worked to re-envision libraries as the onramp to digital literacy.
  • I know how to recognize and build on the groundbreaking work of others: In the 1990s, I worked to protect and promote Safe Horizon’s pioneering Child Advocacy Centers and their integrated delivery of more positive outcomes for child sexual abuse victims.
  • In the 2000s, when experts urged tech startups to move to Silicon Valley, I convinced Silicon Valley startup Pivotal Labs to come here, where they thrived and later went public.
  • In the 2010s, when the NYC tech community needed more software engineers, I helped create an onramp for CUNY students for those opportunities.
  • I led the creation of NYC Votes, an app-based program that provided online information for NYC voters and smoothed the path to running for office for all candidates.
  • And throughout, I looked for and created innovative technology solutions to help New York City’s key industries: fashion, retail, music, television, healthcare, and finance.



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Art Chang

Art Chang

Founder of Allie: Critical Infrastructure for the Volunteer Economy. Former 2021 Candidate for NYC Mayor. https://theallieapp.com