Art Chang

Oct 31, 2018

2 min read

Seven pivotal New York races where your $20 still matters

Today, I published “Reading the Tea Leaves — Will New York’s Senate Flip Blue for the Third Time in a Century?” With just days before the election, your money can still make a difference in tight races, especially critical for funding GOTV (get out the vote) efforts.

Only one seat needed — ten are possible.

Dems only need to flip one GOP-held seat to control the state Senate and, therefore, the state Legislature — I think nine are possible — unblocking progressive legislation passed by the Assembly and blocked by the GOP-controlled Senate.

Your $20 can have the biggest impact in seven races.

Read my story for details, including an explanation of the odds in the most hotly contested state races. My most recent Gotham Gazette op-ed also provides useful background.

New York City

Andrew Gounardes (SD-22, south Brooklyn).
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Long Island

Anna Kaplan (SD-7, Hempstead, Oyster Bay).
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Jim Gaughran (SD-5, Glen Cove, Huntington, Oyster Bay).
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Monica Martinez (SD-3, Brookhaven, Islip).
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Hudson River Valley

Karen Smythe (SD-41, Beacon, Poughkeepsie).
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Pete Harckham (SD-40, Peekskill).
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Jen Lunsford (SD-55, Rochester area).
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Jeremy Cooney (SD-56, Buffalo, Batavia, Rochester).
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Former 2021 Democratic Candidate for NYC Mayor. Reform activist. Technology innovator. Writer, thinker, strategist, photographer. Opinions are my own.

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