The Women’s March on Washington: Why I’m Attending

Art Chang
2 min readJan 20, 2017


And What My Experience Probably Won’t Include.

Why I’m attending:

  1. To support women.
    Women are equal partners in our democracy. Women deserve the freedom to choose, to have equal education, equal opportunity and equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender, religion, race. In addition, issues that benefit women and men equally have my full support: support for the pillars of family (housing, healthcare,childcare, healthcare), freedom to marry, regardless of gender, religion, race.
  2. To show that men support women.
    I believe that men should be equal partners to women, which means we men must embrace the support role in a meaningful way, in the family, in the workplace, and in the public arena. In the inverse, I believe that men should stand up for justice in crimes against women.
  3. To honor women in my life.
    I am lucky to have amazing women in my life: my amazing mother, Jeannette Park, one of the first women in Korea to earn a medical degree. (Please read my post about her.) My sister, Jean Park, a single mom who earned a law degree while raising two amazing daughters. Jessica Greene, the life partner of my brother, Hubert, who built a national reputation in public health while raising two similarly amazing daughters. My wife, Allison Thrush, who has been my true partner and soul mate in creating the joyful and fulfilling life we have together with our two sons, Ben and Elliott, who are attending the March for the same reasons I am.
  4. To send a message.
    Three groups need to witness the breadth and depth of the March:
    1. Republican Members of Congress who won with narrow margins. We are watching you.
    2. Progressive Members of Congress. We have your backs.
    3. We, the voting majority, who lost the Electoral College and are marching across the nation; we are together, in our diversity, working toward common goals.

What My Experience Probably Won’t Include:

1. To hear speakers. I understand there’s an amazing lineup, but I probably won’t hear them, due to a host of issues outside my control. There will probably be periods where little seems to be going on; I intend not to be bored.

2. To engage with counter-protesters. There could be some really offensive folks trying to get a rise. Who cares? Not why I’m there.



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