Art Chang

Jan 4, 2016

2 min read

Today is my first day at Pivotal.

Today is my first day at Pivotal; there’s no better way to kick off this New Year! I joined a company that I long admired, working on a shared mission with close friends who I respect, trust and like.

Since 2007, Pivotal was the major technology partner to my firm, Tipping Point Partners. We worked together to build three significant software projects (Casebook, Cookstr, NYC Votes), leading to a New York City office for Pivotal and friendships across the Pivotal ecosystem. Then, Pivotal was 60 people strong, helping to create the software culture in Silicon Valley’s most valuable companies. Today, Pivotal’s software is used by millions of developers, touching billions of users every day. All along, Pivotal has retained the same core values, a foundation of its success.

I’m excited to be joining the Pivotal Transformation Team, an amazing opportunity to do what I love. I will focus on the Financial Services sector, developing strategies to enable Pivotal’s largest financial and insurance clients innovate like startups.

This closes a chapter for Tipping Point Partners. Over a decade, we helped dozens of entrepreneurs conceive, build and launch software startups in many verticals. While I focus on Pivotal’s priorities, my business partner, Stan Lau, will continue providing wise counsel to entrepreneurs in structuring and managing the financial side of their businesses.

What an incredible and satisfying journey it’s been. I am so energized and happy to open this new chapter at Pivotal.

Over the coming months, I will share my observations about technology innovation in the financial services sector on a weekly basis. If you are interested in my journey, please follow me.

Former 2021 Democratic Candidate for NYC Mayor. Reform activist. Technology innovator. Writer, thinker, strategist, photographer. Opinions are my own.

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