Graphic by Art Chang, from my Op-Ed in Gotham Gazette

Seven pivotal New York races where your $20 can help flip the result.

Today, Gotham Gazette published an updated version of my Op-Ed, “Can Democrats win the state Senate? How Progressive is Cuomo? New Yorkers are about to find out.”

Only one seat needed — ten are possible.

Dems only need to flip one GOP-held seat to control the state Senate and, therefore, the state Legislature — I think ten are possible — unblocking progressive legislation passed by the Assembly and blocked by the GOP-controlled Senate.

Your $20 can have the biggest impact in seven races.

Read my op-ed for details, including an explanation of the odds in the most hotly contested state races.

New York City

Andrew Gounardes (SD-22, south Brooklyn).
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Long Island

Anna Kaplan (SD-7, Hempstead, Oyster Bay).
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Jim Gaughran (SD-5, Glen Cove, Huntington, Oyster Bay).
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Monica Martinez (SD-3, Brookhaven, Islip).
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Hudson River Valley

Karen Smythe (SD-41, Beacon, Poughkeepsie).
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Jen Lunsford (SD-55, Rochester area).
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Jeremy Cooney (SD-56, Buffalo, Batavia, Rochester).
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Founder of Allie for Every Micro Org. Former 2021 Candidate for NYC Mayor.

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